New Course: Ultra User Training

Course Overview The following training demonstrates how to navigate and use the various screens and tools of Ultra and how to perform an exam. Course Objective To provide the learner with the knowledge required to operate the Ultra application. Course Contents Launching Ultra Main Screen Overview Searching for and Starting an Exam Manual Registration Selecting […]

New Course: Ultra with AeroDR Retrofit – Service & Applications Training

Course Overview The following training provides instruction on how to install, configure and use the Ultra Software with AeroDR Retrofit solution.  This training includes both Service and Applications Setup and Usage. Course Objective To provide the learner with the knowledge required to install and perform applications for the Ultra with AeroDR retrofit solution.  This course […]

New Course: CS-7 V1.35 (Sys_047) Update Training

Course Overview This training course will provide details concerning the release of new CS-7 software V1.35 (Sys_047). Course Objective To provide the learner with an understanding of the details of the new CS-7 software V1.35 (Sys_047). Course Contents Improvements included in V1.35 New functionality included in V1.35 Installation/maintenance improvements Course Prerequisite The learner should be […]

New Course: AeroDR® Interface Hardware Changes REV 2

Course Overview Konica Minolta is making several changes to the interface hardware of the AeroDR product.  This training course will cover which hardware items are being discontinued,  which hardware items will remain and which items are being introduced. REV 2 Note:  After the 1st version of this training was produced, a commercial decision was made to not […]

Nuevo Curso: Introducción a AeroRemote™ Insights

Descripción del curso Introducción a AeroRemote™ Insights Objetivo del curso Este curso provee una revisión e introducción a las características y funciones de la plataforma analítica de AeroRemote Insights. Esto incluye instrucciones para crear una cuenta, navegar en el tablero, y características claves de acceso. Este curso es una gran introducción que lo ayudara a […]

New Course: Introduction of Wincomm WMP-197V PC for AeroDR® Portable

Course Overview Konica Minolta is changing computer types for GE portable retrofit solutions from the Poindus all-in-one PC to the Wincomm WMP-197V all-in-one PC.  This training will outline the details of the change. Course Objective To provide hardware and USB peripheral device differences between Poindus PC and Wincomm WMP-197V PC to enable an AeroDR Portable […]

FINAL Resolution Released – Notification of Mandatory Safety Bulletin of Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 (New Course Added)

Konica Minolta is notifying customers of an update of the Mandatory Safety Bulletin (00210300) originally released by Panasonic on March 28th, 2018. The updated Mandatory Safety Bulletin (00210301) was released by Panasonic on June 12, 2018.  The Mandatory Safety Bulletin provides the final resolution for the quality condition affecting the Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 Battery packs […]

AeroRemote™ Insights – New Course Posted

This course provides an overview and introduction to the features and functions of the AeroRemote™ Insights analytics platform. This includes instructions on account setup, navigating the dashboard, and accessing key features. This course is a great introduction that will help you get started with AeroRemote Insights so you can immediately begin evaluating your department’s productivity.