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CA014-0092 (Countermeasure for ImagePilot NAS backup defect)

Konica Minolta is issuing a mandatory Field Corrective Action (CA014-0092) for Image Pilot environment with NAS and/or Extended NAS.  This action is necessary to mitigate the risk of Data Loss during the Image Back up process.

Issue: Depending on the software version, there have been reported incidents of incomplete data back up when there was an interruption during the backup process.

Konica Minolta will be sending out direct notifications to the Customer base to ensure they are aware of this corrective action.

Actions required to mitigate this risk:

Actions/Steps Backup NAS Extended NAS
ImagePilot Version —–> 1.50R01E to 1.60R02E 1.50R01E to 1.70R03E
1.  Upgrade software to 1.80R09 Not required Mandatory
2.  Check Data integrity by running KimNasCheckToolexe. Mandatory Mandatory
3.   Analyze the results of the tool Mandatory Mandatory
4.   Install Local Data Repair tool Mandatory Mandatory
5.   Turn off current full back up NAS option Mandatory Mandatory

* Corrective action cannot be performed on Windows XP  ** Systems on XP will require a hardware Upgrade

Click here to download the associated documents and software for this corrective action