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How should this course be taken?

  • These courses were designed to be taken linearly from start to finish.
  • Each section needs to be completed before proceeding to the next section.
  • After completing each section, mark each section COMPLETE by clicking the complete_button button
  • Next click on the NEXT LESSON buttonnext_lesson.
  • Some courses quizzes are necessary to complete for awarding a certificate of completion. When all the lessons are complete, the last lesson will display the TAKE A QUIZ quiz button
  • After the quiz is completed and you pass with a 80% or higher passed, click on the CLOSE COURSE close_course button to bring you to the course page.
  • Here you will find the VIEW CERTIFICATE certificate button, that will open and allow you to print the certificate.

Will I receive an email with the certificate link?

Yes, on successful completion of the course an email will be generated and sent to the users email

how can I tell if I've completed the lesson?

After you’ve marked the lesson completed using the complete_button button, the course page will show the lesson completed by adding a checked box  before each completed lesson

Can I come back at different times to take the lessons or do I have to complete the entire course all at once?

The courses were created to be taken linearly but you may leave and return to the lessons at any time. You do not have to take the entire course all in one sitting

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