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All Candidates for training must meet or exceed the requirements as listed and detailed in this document.
These requirements and prerequisites are designed to ensure that the candidate can complete our courses and will exhibit our stated competencies when servicing our equipment line.
Computer & Network Related Core Competencies Training Candidates Should Have:

  • Strong Windows operating systems knowledge
  • Working understanding on network topologies and protocols, hubs, switches, TCP/IP and 100/1000 Base-T systems
  • Strong network [troubleshooting] skills in connecting to TCP/IP networked computer systems and Windows Network.
  • Basic knowledge and / or previous experience with DICOM protocol and PACS systems.
  • At Least 6-months digital [modality] medical imaging experience
  • Working knowledge of test equipment: DVM, logic probes and others standardized test equipment [which varies by equipment line]
  • Basic understanding of X-Ray Imaging principals, Image quality, and determinants
  • Basic understanding of Modality imaging: Analog and Digital video signals [For Laser Printers]
  • Basic understanding in Safety Standards and Protocols: Hazardous Energy – Electrical Safety, Laser Energy Safety, and Radiation Safety.
  • Modality imaging experience in CR/PACS.
  • Due to use of live x-ray, it is recommended that the student has a radiation badge. KMHA will not provide.