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Hours of Operation: The training center opens at 8:30AM and closes at 5:00PM. Class begins at 9:00 AM.

Security: On the first day of class please sign in with the Receptionist at the front desk. You will receive your security tag for the week. You are required to sign in and out every day for the duration of the training. In addition all students are restricted to the training area of the building.

Telephones: No outside Phone service is provided at this time. Please turn off/mute your cell phones while in class. However you may use your cell phone in the break room.

Internet Access: Due to the security policy of our network administrator, students will have limited access to the internet. Depending on security setting of the local PC, connectivity cannot be guaranteed.

Break / Lunch Room: The break-lunchroom is in the training center. Limited access to the Coin operated soda and snack vending machines, microwave, toaster and refrigerator are available by escort only.