Ultra with AeroDR Retrofit – Service & Applications Training

Course Overview The following training provides instruction on how to install, configure and use the Ultra Software with AeroDR Retrofit solution.  This training includes both Service and Applications Setup and Usage. Course Objective To provide the learner with the knowledge required to install and perform applications for the Ultra with AeroDR retrofit solution.  This course […]

AeroDR® Interface Hardware Changes

Course Overview Konica Minolta is making several changes to the interface hardware of the AeroDR product.  This training course will cover which hardware items are being introduced. Course Objective To provide the learner with an understanding of AeroDR interface hardware changes and how to apply this knowledge for installation and service. Course Contents Description of […]

Introduction of Wincomm WMP-197V PC for AeroDR® Portable

Course Overview Konica Minolta is changing computer types for GE portable retrofit solutions from the Poindus all-in-one PC to the Wincomm WMP-197V all-in-one PC.  This training will outline the details of the change. Course Objective To provide hardware and USB peripheral device differences between Poindus PC and Wincomm WMP-197V PC to enable an AeroDR Portable […]

AeroDR® Panel Handling and Cleaning Video Uploaded

Course Overview: AeroDR® Panel Handling and Cleaning Course Objective: This module discusses and demonstrates the proper method for handling and cleaning the AeroDR® Course Contents: -Panel Overview -Basic Construction/Buttons/LED’s -Panel Handling -Panel Cleaning and Disinfection