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CAUE00C00-0003 (KDR U-ARM Tablet Enclosure)

Konica Minolta is issuing Phase 2 of a mandatory Field Corrective Action for the KDR U-Arm.  This action is necessary to mitigate the risk of unintentional arm movement.  There is the possibility of unintentional U-Arm movement due to the tablet enclosure buttons, located on tablet enclosure, remaining engaged after being depressed. This letter is a final notification to our dealer partners. This Corrective Action affects all units with a prior ship date of December 20, 2018.

Konica Minolta will be sending out direct notifications to the Customer base to ensure they are aware of this corrective action.

The Final Corrective Action required to mitigate this risk:

A modification to the tablet design will help ensure that all movement buttons, associated with the KDR U-Arm, make the proper contact without staying depressed. Instructions can be found in KON-000201.

Document ID                         Document Name

  1. KON-000201                       KDR U-Arm Tablet Enclosure – Technical Instructions – Bracket Installation
  2. KON-000202                       KDR U-Arm Tablet Enclosure – Business Partner Notification (this letter)
  3. KON-000203                       KDR U-Arm Tablet Enclosure – Final Customer Notification Letter
  4. KON-000204                       KDR U-Arm Tablet Enclosure – FSR Corrective Action Checklist
  5. KON-000154                       KDR U-Arm Tablet Enclosure – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Konica Minolta’s Technical Services teams are committed to assisting your engineers and customers. All trained engineers have been notified of these corrective actions through the service portal. Please let us know if you may have any questions, and as always, we appreciate your support and look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future.

Business partners can go to the link below to download the necessary documentation.

CAUE00C00-0003 (KDR U-ARM Tablet Enclosure)