New Course: AeroDR® Interface Hardware Changes REV 2

Course Overview

Konica Minolta is making several changes to the interface hardware of the AeroDR product.  This training course will cover which hardware items are being discontinued,  which hardware items will remain and which items are being introduced.

REV 2 Note:  After the 1st version of this training was produced, a commercial decision was made to not discontinue the Generator Interface Unit 2 (GIU2) at this time.  The GIU2 will remain for non-DDR (Dynamic Digital Radiography) systems.  The new GIU3 will only be used for DDR at this time.  This REV 2 training has been updated to reflect this change.

Course Objective

To provide the learner with an understanding of AeroDR interface hardware changes and how to apply this knowledge for installation and service.

Course Contents

  • Overview of Hardware Changes
  • Hardware Items to be Discontinued
  • Description of New Hardware Items
  • History of Generator Interface Units
  • Introduction and Installation of the Generator Interface Unit 3 (GIU3)

Course Prerequisite

The learner should be trained and familiar with the servicing AeroDR.

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